CBD Oils

Sublingual CBD oils are one of the most common ways of consuming CBD. Placing drops under your tongue and letting the oil absorb into your mucous membranes is one of the fastest delivery methods for getting cannibidiol (CBD) into your bloodstream. Relief comes relatively quickly and the effects will last for at least a few hours.

CBD Flower

Smoking CBD flower is becoming more and more popular. Dry herb (flower, buds) can be smoked in a pipe or rolled into a joint. This is the purest way to consume CBD and ensures that you’re getting the full spectrum of cannabinoids. There are many different strains of hemp with each strain having different characteristics and effects. Some strains are relaxing and pain relieving (Indica like qualities) while others are energizing and uplifting (Sativa like qualities). The extremely low levels of THC (o.3% or less) mean that you can smoke CBD flower without becoming intoxicated or high.


Vaping and smoking are the other two fastest ways to get CBD into your system. Vapes can be very discreet and are easy to carry around with you throughout the day. The vape cartridges we carry are free of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin (PG & VG). Both of these are commonly found in most vape products and are used as thinning agents. Liberty CBD Carts are pure hemp concentrate with strain specific terpenes added for flavoring and to “steer” the effects of the CBD in much the same way that the strains they’re named after do.

CBD Edibles & Gummies

Munching on some tasty CBD edibles can be a fun way to get your CBD… not only do you still get all the same benefits, they can last longer and you get to eat a yummy treat! The effects from the CBD aren’t as quickly noticeable as with smoking or taking sublingual oils, but they stick around for longer. It can also really easy to take a consistent dose. For example, the gummies we carry each contain 10mg of full spectrum CBD. You can take a few at a time and call it good, or eat a few spaced out throughout they day to maintain a consistent level of relief.

We are currently working with a local baker to provide cookies and brownies infused with CBD butter. We just sampled our first test batch… they were delicious and strong!

CBD Topicals and Pain Creams

Topical creams and salves are great for treating acute, localized pain. Lower back pain, knee pain, arthritis… CBD salves work almost instantly to provide significant pain relief. Kat’s Naturals Deep Pain Cream is one of our all time best selling items!

CBD for Dogs

All mammals have an ECS (endocannabinoid system). All of the same benefits we get from taking CBD, dogs and cats can enjoy as well. CBD oils can be added to your pet’s food or treats, or there are ready made treats infused with CBD. We carry a variety of CBD dog treats that your furry family member will love! From helping your anxious dog relax a little, to providing relief to painful joints in older pets, CBD can help you and your furry family member enjoy life just a little bit more!

What’s your favorite way to get your CBD?