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Full Moon Kit – Virgo

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Virgo Full Moon

The monthly full moon kit includes a ritual for the Full Moon and the New Moon corresponding to each one’s zodiac sign. The moon cycles through each astrological sign every 2.5 days, so each month the full and new moon are in different astrological placements and brings along amplified energy of its sign with it. The full moon is a time for release and intention. The Full Moon Ritual Kit at Clara Jane changes each month to match the astrological placement of the full moon and includes a carefully crafted array of crystals, cannabis, and a smudge bundle.

What’s included?

  • Jade Gua Sha
  • Rose Quartz heart crystal
  • Sage smudge bundle
  • 1g Gelato Moon Rocks with CBG Kief
  • Beeswax candle
  • 10% off your service with Ren Buzzeti at Anastacia Skin Studio (First Time Clients only)
  • PDF Ritual Booklet

The Full Moon rises in Virgo on February 27, Pisces Season, so we’ve pulled in a piece of Pisces season with the rose quartz to remind ourselves that intentions must be rooted in love.

Jade symbolizes love, righteousness, and physical strength. We’ve incorporated this Jade Gua Sha Comb as a physical action of self-love. This Gua Sha is hand-carved out of 100% pure Grade-A jade and is designed to enhance natural beauty by promoting circulation, sculpting tissue, reducing muscle tension, and promoting relaxation.

Virgo carries the wisdom of the sage, for the smudge bundle this full moon we’ve chosen white sage as it amplifies your intuition. Smudging sage should always be done with intention, reverence, and deep gratitude to those who did it before us.

Gelato Moon Rocks are the caviar of the cannabis world, the high-class maiden Virgo asks for an elevated experience. These moon rocks are sprinkled with CBG kief. Gelato and CBG are both known for a relaxing effect to calm any racing over-analytic thoughts that may come with the Virgo Full Moon. Relax, take care of yourself and let’s look forward. Moon rocks are meant to be smoked in glassware by its self or on top of flower, you won’t want to grind it because it’s very sticky!

Thank you for your pre-order! The moon kits will be shipped/ delivered the week of the full moon!

Full order will be delivered together unless you’d like to pick-up the other parts of your order in advance.


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This product changes monthly. When you subscribe you’ll receive the Full Moon Kit each month for the astrological sign at that time.


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  1. Jordan Wetzel (verified owner)

    This is my second full moon kit and I am addicted! All of the products are great quality. The jade gua sha was so relaxing and exactly what I needed. I cannot wait for the next full moon kit!

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