Rose Delights: Mushroom People Candy Cap Root Beer


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Mushroom People: Candy Cap Root Beer Infused with Guava flower rosin from Hudson Hemp This delightful collaboration between Rose Delights and Mushroom People brings through a wild foraged Candy Cap mushrooms highlighted for their maple-syrup notes and complemented with a 12-ingredient house-made root beer blend, including sarsaparilla, sassafras, birch bark, star anise, mint, vanilla, fresh ginger and lemon peel. Infused with Hudson Hemp Guava flower rosin. Mushrooms aren’t an ingredient that screams candy, but the inherent tension between an earthy, savory ingredient and one that couldn’t get more saccharine–soda– is fertile ground for the flavors brought together in this recipe. 20 Delights per box, 200MG total CBD Farms: Hudson Hemp, Napa Wild