Self Ceremony – Herbal Smokes

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Enjoy our organic herbal blends as pre-rolled herbal cigarettes! No mess, no fuss, and ready to smoke.
6 Smokes per tube, biodegradable & reusable. Hand-crafted with organic flowers and herbs, rolled in hemp paper and high flow cellulose filters, that help to cool down the smoke and reduce the chances of harsh/hot hits.
They DO NOT contain tobacco, thc, cbd, nicotine or any addiction forming substances.
– The Heart: sensual blend of heart-opening herbs.
– The Dream: lifts low spirits & calms restless minds.
– The Shift: soothing and stimulating blend for inner guidance.
– The Break: support for those in the process of quitting tobacco.
— NEW The Balm: cooling & soothing blend for emotional balance.


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